“Real children do not go hoppity skip"...

...."unless they are on drugs" Terry Pratchett, Hogfather.


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Ryan being a dork in GO! #52

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Some rare days I love my face 🌻



Here’s some male enitlement for you: today a couple of guys at college were whining that they didn’t feel ‘safe’ being male in sociology class, because women are more likely to call them out on sexist jokes.

Let’s just think about that for a second

they don’t feel safe when they have fewer chances to ‘comically’ demean women


It’s almost like women don’t solely exist as a form of amusement for men???


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Samurai Jack S02E11; Jack is Naked

Damn, Jack. I didn’t kno you had it like that


Lazer Team Filming | Week one

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he’s making it hop

this is the only thing I care about

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I’ll never understand people who don’t drink alcohol

Maybe they know what alcohol can do to people, maybe they fear liver failure, maybe they had a family member or friend that died from an alcohol related accident, maybe they don’t feel the need or desire to drink, it’s really not that hard to comprehend.

Or mAYBE that people just think it tastes gross, specially when it burns your throat like lava when you swallow it.

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being homosexual or bisexual isn’t disgusting. but you know what is disgusting? when a man finds it ok for two girls to be making out or something of the sort just because it makes his dick hard, but when its two girls or, god forbid, two men that are in an actual, well-founded relationship and in love, the man finds that disturbing and immoral and wrong. now thats disgusting.

i hope all the homophobes read this.

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how i passed college tbh


how i passed college tbh

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